Clockwise (the route home)

With this Winter’s tour coming to an end we had to decide on a route home. We were intending to travel along the Algarve for a rendezvous with the Hudsons, then visit a few villages on the West coast, so it made perfect sense to carry on in a clockwise direction, up the West coast of Portugal and along the Northern coast of Spain.

This blog starts out in the town of Silves, where we had a few nights “Stork watching”.


No such thing as a small Stork’s nest


Stick hunting


You get a special tankard near Silves castle, and the beer is a special price!!

We left Silves and returned to the coast to visit Albufeira, where we saw a dog on an escalator.


Dog on escalator

Unable to take any more excitement from the “Benidorm of the Algarve” we decided to move along the coast to the town of Galé, where we had chance to break out the bikes again.

The coastline here is pretty impressive, and the coastal path a bit scary, particularly if you’re inclined to fall off your bike every time you stop to look at the scenery.







Next stop was our rendezvous with the Hudsons in Alvor, Nina’s family were flying out for a few weeks so it was nice to meet up for a curry night (and the odd drinkie poo in the Irish bar).

We managed a bike ride into the next town of Lagos, which didn’t seem so far on Google maps, but the round trip was 40k much of it on unmade tracks through the salt marshes.


Deb has a chequered history on this type of terrain!

Villa de Bispo was our next stop and a really peaceful camperstop overlooking the Algarve countryside, the weather had decided to turn back up to gas mark 8 so we loaded up with water and had a ride along the coast to Praia De Luz. Via the world’s scariest goat path.

drive (5)

drive (6)

The bay at Praia De Luz


Hiding from the sun

Odeceixe was our next stop on the West coast, where there is a really  scenic coastal walk, bikes away, boots out!


drive (7)


A gauntlet thrown?

drive (11)

When in Rome!


Oops, wrong beach, someone’s called the Rozzers!!

We were now moving up the West coast (which is really dramatic) and our first camperstop was at Porto Covo. Not the prettiest camperstop, but the wind had increased and the sea was really rough, camera time!

drive (10)


drive (8)


We were North of Lisbon now and found a “wild camping” spot right on the beach at Sào Lourenco.



Breakfast prep view

drive (1)

Another West Coast sunset

We spent the next few days travelling a cpl of hours then parking up, visiting Costa De Lovus, Ovar, and our last stop in Portugal was at Darque on the border with Spain.





Another one!!


We have just travelled along the Northern coast of Spain, which is really scenic. However the weather has been a bit on the dull side, we will definitely come back here and discover more some other time. In addition someone decided to free up some phone memory, so I have the grand sum of zero piccies!

We’re booked onto a ferry this week so are spending the last few days at a favourite spot of ours on the West coast of France, at the town of Port Albret. The weather is good again and we have managed a few decent bike rides to nearby towns.

Deb’s riding has really improved, but her stopping leaves a lot to be desired, particularly the putting your foot down bit.


Riding technique


Stopping technique


And of course, my puncture repair technique

Have a good summer everyone (think I’ll be gardening)


PS I’m not going into too much detail around my latest back pain, however you can use you’re imagination, and the words “wheelie” “warning” and “kerb”.




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