Winter 2017 (Part 2)

I’ve decided to include a few more pics from Ricote as the areas was such a nice place and I dont think I did it justice in the last blog (I blame the lack of WIFI and Deb using up all our mobile data on Faceache)

drive (6)

Before the Hudsons left we went on a walk to the nearby castle ruins, obviously they dont tend to build castles anywhere but at the top of a hill, so it was walking boots, water bottles filled and off on a “Hudson stroll”.

drive (3)

The walk up was well worth the views, this really is a much undiscovered part of Spain as far as tourism goes.

drive (4)

Hudsons in this Pic somewhere….

drive (5)

Ah there he is

drive (7)


It was time for the Hudsons to leave for a family rendezvous on the coast, so we decided to break out the bikes and have a few more rides in the hills before heading South.

drive (11)

drive (9)


drive (10)

drive (8)

The rotorvator X356 (Ghia) , a popular beast in these parts

Our next port of call was Aguillas, back on the coast. keen blog followers (yes you!!) will probably remember that we stayed here last year on our way back from Portugal and parked on the beach. It would appear that this practice has been stopped by the local council, with several signs appearing prohibiting camping. A local garage has taken advantage and opened a camperstop with secure parking and electric/wifi for €10 per night. Several doz campervanners had decided to ignore the signs and carry on as normal, but we went for the camperstop (a mere 200yds from the beach).

We broke out the bikes again and went sightseeing along the coast to the nearby town of San Juan De Los Terreros.

drive (12)

Next up was a camperstop on the edge of the Cabo de Gata national park, where we decided to answer a long asked question, the ear worm lasted at least a week, hope you all get it for at least a cpl of days!!

“Do you know the way to……”


The Cabo De Gata area is pretty spectacular, we managed a few bike rides to the local beaches.

drive (15)

drive (16)

drive (13)

drive (14)

We called at Gibraltar on our way past, taking advantage of the discounted fuel and to purchase a replacement Invertor “tax free” – the Chinese jobbo had given up the ghost, but the supplier has promised a full refund when I get back to Blighty (after asking me to take it to bits and see if it was burnt inside!!) I’ve gone for a Victron, which although a bit pricey, is built like a tank. (and is performing like a trooper to date).


A road crossing, Gibraltar style

Cadiz was our next stop, and we were parked right in the centre (campervans €3 per 24hrs, cars €7 per 8 hrs!!!) we had 2 nights the first being really peaceful the second not so, as a container ship was unloading till the early hours right next to the van. A really interesting town though and well worth a visit. We were now back on the Atlantic which we’ll follow right round Portugal, Northern Spain and the West Coast of France.


What a brilliant idea (next to the car wash) The girl was happy to have her photo taken, the dog less so!


drive (17)

Our next stop was a camperstop (free) on the edge of a town called Rota (always liked that word). The camperstop was a sandune away from a really nice beach and a steady bike ride into town (or 30 mins walk along the sand). We had a week here and included a couple of bike rides to the nearby town of Sanlucar. The old town of Rota is really nice with narrow streets and small squares, with the obligatory cafe’s.

drive (22)

drive (21)

drive (19)

drive (18)

We’re facing West again, time for sea sunsets

We have now crossed the border into Portugal and the weather is scorcheo, so its bikes out and into those hills, take care peeps


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One Response to Winter 2017 (Part 2)

  1. Pete & Nina says:

    Some really nice pics again Mick👍 Especially the windmill and flowers shot. My favourite is that of that Kid on her bike on the beach 😂😂🇵🇹 She’s in all your shots 😂😂🌴Happy days!👍😎


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