France, the final frontier (for this trip anyway)

Well this is the last blog of this trip, as we are making our way through France to be home for Christmas.

All is not lost though as there is some good stuff still to read, including my birthday bash, rendezvous with friends and mountain biking action pictures.

Read on, you’ll love it……………..maybe.

We spent our last few days in Italy, right on the French Border and close to a train station, so a quick “train W!@£$%S” text to the kids and we were off to Monaco.


Having treated Deb to a birthday treat in sunny Benidorm, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate mine in Monaco. Surely there would be bargains to be had right???



I promised Deb a trip to the Casino in Monte Carlo – she naively thought I meant this place.


imageBless her though, she didn’t seem too disappointed when we arrived here……


We decided to walk the Grand Prix circuit, which is much smaller than it appears on the telly, race fans will probably recognise some of the following locations.





Some poor soul had missed the temporary “no parking” sign and when the roadwork crew started to dig their hole, there was only one way to keep the road open. Wonder what the “reclaim your car” price is here?




It was Sunday, so the shopping centre was mostly closed, leaving room for these guys to dismantle one of the chandeliers – wonder if they’ve seen “Only Fools and Horses”?


No prices in any of the shops, I suppose if you have to ask the price…………..


Bargains to be had?

Of course there are, I mean look at this 9th floor 2 bedroom flat. A snip at €7,500,000. it does have a guest lavatory though.


Or if sailings your thing, how about renting “Kinta” a snip at €265,000 (a WEEK)

2016-11-06_14-17-59_900The real bargain was our lunch – burger and chips + coke (diet of course) all for €50.

The equivalent price of 10 bottles of cava and 50 tapas in good old Beni!

After a few days we moved into France, staying in a camperstop in the hills of Provence, time to break out the Ebikes again……..


We had a really good ride in the hills, and I got plenty of practice honing my puncture repair technique.


Puncture 1


Puncture 2


Puncture ……. hang on a minute this is the same photo!!


What goes up…….



Must come down!

We left the hills of Provence and returned to the Med coast at Marseillan Plage, the resort was closed but we managed a walk on the beach and a bike ride along the Canal Du Midi to the town of Beziers.

Whilst touring the Med coast, we had been in touch with Pete/Nina and Keith/Chris with regards to a rendezvous at St Cyprien a resort on the French/Spanish border, (they were all heading into Spain, we were heading home soon).

We had briefly met Keith/Chris at St Marie-plage, where we managed to “acquire” the last hook up point, much to Keith’s disappointment (who arrived minutes too late, due to a temperamental barrier incident).

The rendezvous unsurprisingly featured the odd alcoholic beverage (including the disappointing news that the Italian Grappa was no more) and several  multi pump incidents.

I think the girls were fairly impressed.


We managed to beat the Hudsons to the vin rouge

Anyway it was time for us all to get some exercise, so we decided on a ride to the nearby town of Collioure, the majority of the course was at sea level following the coast, but the last bit slightly more challenging.





The next days expedition was another ride, this time along the coast in the opposite direction to Canet Plage, where my puncture repair skills were once again tested to their max.

copywriter P Hudson

copywrite P Hudson

It was time to bid a farewell to the Spanish explorers, until the spring when Portugal once again calls us all.

Just as we had waved off the Hudson/Elliots, we had a text from our friends Steve and liz (of Pompeii wine drinking fame), they were also heading into Spain and were passing through St Cyprien.

We decided to stay on and have a catch up.  Steve has a bike trailer for their Springer Spaniel (Chloe) who’s well into her teens, but loving the adventures. So we decided the run into Canet Plage was perhaps more sensible than the Collioure. The locals loved the trailer,  many of them doing a double take and a “ooh la la”.

It was good to see them again and learn all about Steve’s Alpine snow driving skills, scary stuff indeed!!

Well the grim news is that were back in Blighty and I’ve just had to MOT the car. The shock of UK weather combined with laying on a cold concrete drive to change these things isn’t exactly filling me with Christmas cheer.


I guess that standing the car for several months isn’t the best way to prep it for its MOT

Mind you, the home-brew has matured well!!

Take care everyone




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